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The purpose of this website is to provide information to the above ground tank industry.

Regulations are complex

I am sure you agree that above ground tank regulations are difficult to understand which makes compliance a challenge.   SPCC rules apply to many facilities that were traditionally exempted from these requirements.  Chances are, even if you have an SPCC plan, you probably haven’t reviewed it since the tanks were installed.

Inspection requirements are confusingAPI Inspections are confusing

These are a few of the common questions we hear on a weekly basis:

  • What types of tanks require API 653 inspections?
  • When are  STI SP001 inspections mandatory?
  • How frequently are regular inspections required?
  • What does components are covered in each inspection?

Finding cost effective installation & maintenance is a challenge

Our customers often inquire about:

  • Selecting the best polyethylene tanks
  • Proper AST installation
  • Finding the best floating roof design
  • Proper repair and maintenance of a Convault tank.
  • choosing cost effective secondary containment

Our Goal

We are in the above ground tank business. We launched this site because we were frustrated looking for information about above ground tank equipment, inspections and other services.  Creating this site, especially our interactive API Tank Inspection wizard, has helped us make the process easier, and we hope it helps you.  Give it a try!  By the way, we will be looking to add more information.  If you have suggestions, call or drop us an email.

Who we are

Christopher M. Tiso, Founder & CEO – Background

Charles Tiso, V.P. Engineering & Product Development

Gary Harris, Director

Keith Correal, National Account Manager

Jon Lundquist, National Project Manager

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What we offer

Our parent company, ATS Environmental has been a leading provider of environmental services, environmental equipment and environmental testing technology for the past 18 years.   We offer services throughout the United States and our international division has trained and equipped environmental companies in 25 foreign countries.

Our above ground tank services include:

  1. SPCC Plans : Our National SPCC Resource Center will help you create or interpret any SPCC plan.
  2. API Inspections & STI Inspections SP001:  Inspections for any size above ground tanks including any shop fabricated or field erected tanks.
  3. Tank floating roof:   Select the proper floating roof for your system.
  4. Convault Tank:  Repair, maintain and startup Convault tanks.
  5. Polyethylene Tanks: Installation, maintenance & repair services.
  6. Secondary Containment:  Find what secondary containment works with your system.
  7. Oil spill prevention:  Learn what is considered an oil spill, what are the causes and how can spills be prevented.

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We take pride in receiving feedback from our customers and we actively solicit their comments.  We provide excellent customer service.  But don’t take our word for it.   Read hundreds of reviews on our customer review page.

Remove the complexity – Make the process easy

We can assist you with any inspection, repair and maintenance issue you have with an above ground tank.  Find out how we make it easy for you.

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