Tank Inspection and Testing Schedule

Periodic AST Inspections MONTHLY unless otherwise directed by the engineer in the SPCC plan.

  • Performed by site owner/operator
  • No need to be certified, just knowledgeable
  • Checklist is included in Steel Tank Institute (STI) standard
  • Records of inspections must be maintained

Formal External Inspection by certified inspector EVERY TWENTY YEARS

These are documented external inspection conducted by a certified inspector to assess the condition of the AST and determine its suitability for continued service without entry into the AST interior.

  • Conducted by Certified Inspector
  • Inspector should review previous periodic inspection checklists and previous FEIs/FIIs
  • Includes ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT)
  • Must determine original shell thickness and establish current shell thickness
  • UTT can lead to ultrasonic testing scan (UTS)

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